The School Mission, Vision, and Beliefs


Education Gate International School’s mission is to promote and foster academic excellence and provide an effective and appropriate atmosphere to enable our students reach their potentials, achieve success and be outstanding members in the community.

Promoting a sense of teamwork and co-operation and fostering individual differences    will be our guiding way to enhance students’ skills and empower them to reach their full potentials, as well as become valued and successful citizens for the future. 
  • We believe each student can show academic, behavioral and social success by being provided with daily opportunities to demonstrate personal independence.
  • We believe each student is unique and worthy of praise, encouragement and respect.
  • We believe in fostering positive relationship among all members in the school society.
  • We believe in consequences that teach not punish.
  • We believe students learn best when they are actively engaged in learning process and being provided with a nurturing environment matched to their unique learning abilities.
  • We believe that technology is an effective tool to enhance learning.